Early Stage Researchers

Name Institution Project
Mueller, Sebastian LMU ESR 1: The causes and consequences of large-scale volcanic ash aggregation
Cigala, Valeria LMU ESR 2: A new look into explosive volcanic eruption: integrated shock-tube experiments, field- and laboratory-based high-speed imaging and textural characterisation of pyroclasts
Chan, Ka Lok LMU ESR 3: Airline companies and volcanic eruptions: Approaches to better combine information from different research disciplines (atmospheric measurements, modelling, engineering)
Forte, Pablo JGU ESR 4: Volcanic ash production during long-lasting obsidian lava eruptions
Poret, Matthieu INGV ESR 5: Modelling aggregation of ash particles in volcanic plumes and the effect on ash cloud dispersion
Tournigand, Pierre-Yves INGV ESR 6: Field-based study of volcanic ash via visible and thermal high-speed imaging of explosive eruptions
Tarasenko, Inga UCL ESR 7: Impact of volcanic ash deposits on soil
Vogel, Andreas NILU ESR 8: Empirical constraints on aero-engine components tolerance following ingestion of volcanic ash
Tomasek, Ines UDUR ESR 9: Environmental and anthropogenic factors affecting the respiratory toxicity of volcanic ash
Alois, Stefano AU ESR 10: Laboratory simulations of gas-pyroclast flows: Investigating the effect of particle concentration, electrification, aggregation and re-entrainment in a recirculating windtunnel
Paredes, Joali UNIPG ESR 11: Numerical modelling and fractal analysis of magma fragmentation based on grain-size distributions of natural pyroclastic deposits
Laeger, Kathrin UNIPG ESR 12: High-resolution geochemical mapping of volcanic ash: constraining the effect of syneruptive magma mixing on eruptive style and ash distribution
Spanu, Antonio UNIVIE / DLR ESR 13: Derivation of volcanic ash mass concentration from in-situ and groundbased aerosol measurements