1st Workshop

sept11_IMG_4843_KLEIN.jpg For the help in logistics and input the VERTIGO Organisation team would like to thank the "Dipartimento della Protezione Civile" and staff members from COA Stromboli, Italy.


The 1st VERTIGO Workshop was held at La Sirenetta Hotel on Stromboli Island in Southern Italy. We start on 27 September at 2 pm and end on 2 October at 5 pm. Arrival is logistically easiest via Naples. The Siremar overnight ferry leaves Naples on 26 September at 8 pm and will return there on 3 October at 8 am. VERTIGO ESRs must attend the workshop for the entire duration. All Full and Associated Partners are asked to be present on Stromboli for the entire duration as well and contribute to a comprehensive training for our fellows and the external students.



Participating external scientists: Pierfrancesco Dellino (University of Bari), Larry Mastin (US Geological Survey), Johannes Thun (NEMOH ESR, University College Dublin).